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Alabama Wildlife Federation

Experiential, Captivating, Unexpected. These are some of the words that Method-1 had hoped would be used to describe the Alabama Wildlife Federation Museum’s Nature Plex, and at the October 9th Grand Opening, the guests seemed to think that look was achieved. Method-1 designed a place where nature is amplified and sought to make it an immersive and memorable experience. The NaturePlex is a facility that serves as the Welcome and Education Center for the Alabama Nature Center. The facility includes a 120-seat Theater equipped with up to date technology; Hands-on Discovery Hall with wildlife and nature-based displays; Educational Classrooms; Community Room available for meeting use and rental; and a Gift Shop. Method-1 views a project like this as an opportunity to tell a story to a vast group of people spanning all ages while connecting to the each of them in a unique way using every creative tool we have in our arsenal. We hope this was achieved at the Nature Plex for visitors to enjoy.
“..Everybody was blown out of the water.”
Tim L. Gothard
AWF Executive Director