Civil Rights & African American History

Honoring Civil Rights & African American History by Preserving the Past and Inspiring the Future

The Importance of the Legacy
The African American story is quintessentially an American one of determination, faith, perseverance, pride, and resilience. A sense of belonging and equality has deeply shaped African American history and culture. We celebrate that by creating emotionally charged exhibits that resonate with compassion and pride for all who visit.
Telling the Story
Method-1 has been honored over the years to help tell some of the most prolific civil rights stories of our time. Our goal with each project is always to tell the story in a way that evokes emotion and understanding on a heightened level. Being chosen to help tell these stories has given us an opportunity to enlighten people on both civil and human rights. Some projects tell the stories of immense tragedy, while others tell the stories of great successes for black americans.