It’s In The Details

Why do you visit a museum? What do you take away from your experience? Do you gaze at the details or are you swept away by the enormity of the realism? Museum experiences are different for everyone, but the feeling of being transported to a different place and time is prevalent no matter who you are.


Understanding the desire of the museum patron is critical when deciding on the design and feel of a museum. Regardless of what the museum holds or the story that it tells, that feeling of inspiration must be conveyed by the very atmosphere it presents. Museums serve to teach and to intrigue. If the presentation of the contents inside a museum does not wow the mind, then the full experience will not be had.


Have you ever wondered about the people behind the creation of the exhibits inside a museum? Have you often thought that something was so lifelike that you could imagine it coming to life right before your very eyes? This is what I mean when I say “it’s in the details”. Creators and Designers are abundant. Craftsmen and installers are abundant. So, what makes museum people special? People who design, create, build and install for museums have an understanding of the importance of presence. They have the ability to see the museum project and feel it simultaneously. Through collaboration and teamwork, they flow through a process of creating visuals that undeniably set our senses on fire. By creating exhibits that are filled with both life and death, they are able to transport  museum patrons back in time and give them a glimpse into the overall emotion of the moment.


custom baseball wall display

Museums ultimately tell stories of history. Whether they are stories of people, places or things, the exhibits within a museum are purposed to bring emotion into the existence that was. Walking through a museum and experiencing the many emotions brought on by both understanding and feeling can leave you with a lifelong emotional connection to something or someone that you wouldn’t have otherwise been connected to.

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