Warner Museum stepped up and delivered when I asked them to join the exhibit building effort for the Cook Museum of Natural Science, Decatur, Alabama. Taking our initial concept designs, they provided design and fabrication services for our education classrooms, café, lobby, donor wall, founder’s hall, as well as an interactive exhibit area called, “Discover”. There is no way our award-winning museum would have opened without them.
John Kelton
Director of Exhibits & Visitor Experience
This is unlike any other museum in the United States. Warner Museum took anything I could have ever imagined for this museum and surpassed it tenfold! I knew the talent that existed at Warner Museum but after seeing their creativity put into action this way, I was completely blown away. They did a brilliant job of taking our story, the artifacts, the history and turning it into something truly unbelievable. Tell any organization or museum that you’re pitching that they should call me. I’d tell them don’t waste your time on a bid. Warner Museum should be your only choice.
Dr. Layton Revel
Founder & Executive Director
The McWane Science Center Exhibits team worked with various vendors across the state of Alabama. Warner Museums was one of the many outside contractors we used. We found Warner to be professional, well versed in their craft, and they delivered on time. They were able to meet our technical needs as well as incorporate our styling as requested and overseen by our Exhibits Staff. Their work is still on display in many of the permanent Exhibits.
Erik Lizee
Hey guys just wanted to thank each of you for all your hard work and dedication..tonight's VIP event at the NaturePlex was a home run.... discovery haul top billing... everybody was blown out of the water guys worked your tails off and I appreciate it very very much...great to work with people committed to best
Tim Gothard
Executive Director
It is one of the most unique and integrated heritage tourism plans I’ve ever read. I hope that people who read this will understand its intention and its long-term impact on Greater Erie’s cultural, social, and economic life.” 
Michael Fuhrman
We engaged Warner Museums on a design-build contract to complete detailed design, fabricate and install the exhibits and install owner furnished artifacts. Every aspect of their performance was superb in every respect. Exhibits were completed in modular pieces and brought from their production facility in Birmingham. The quality of construction exceeded our every expectation. We had a very tight time frame and the met every critical deadline to have the Center ready to open on time. The firm and all their people we most accommodating and were a pleasure to work with, not to mention being some of the most talented, creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. In summary, they made my job easy and I give them my strongest recommendation for future museum work.
Noah Long
Construction Committee Chair